Re: Neurontin

From: Mary-Ann Karaganis (
Mon Jan 28 23:46:26 2002

Thanks for your reply, Caroline.

I knew that the drugs were anti-depressants and anti-convulsants, but my gastro is convinced that the neuro-blocking capabilities will prevent the pain impulses from reaching my brain. Like you, I'm not convinced, but he is, and quite frankly, if it works at least a little and doesn't make me a zombie, I'm thinking it's worth a shot.

Hell, who knows. Maybe the guy knows something about my state of mind that I don't yet. *grin*

I'll let you know if it works...


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Dear Mary Ann- Neither one of the3 medications that you listed(elavil,klonopin,or nerontion)are "pain medications". My psychiatrist put me on Neurontin for about 3-4 months. It did absolutely nothing, but for others it works miracles for others. All of the drugs that you listed are used for treating depression. None of these meds have pain relieving potential. Good luck!\ Caroline

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