Re: Prevention of abdominal adhesions

From: anonymous (
Mon Jan 28 20:32:45 2002

At Fri, 14 Jul 2000, anonymous wrote: >
>I am 9 days post surgery for removing abdominal adhsions which caused a
>complete gut obstruction after 37 yrs of misery and pain.
>My appendix burst 37 yrs. ago.
>Is there anything that I can now do to prevent further adhesion

Hello... i have had 4 laporoscopic surgeries to take down adhesions which are the result of an emergency appendectomy when i was a child... 40 years ago. It has been extremely difficult to get the surgeon (Dr. Koh in Milwaukee) to repeat the laporascopic surgery as he doesnt believe adhesions grow back. the adhesions cause extreme back/abdominal pain, and due to lack of nutruition (i have to live on broth as nothing comes out of my body) patches of hair loss, teeth break off... job loss. He would put me off for as long as 10 or more months with my difficulty or inability to pass anything out of my body. ANYWAY... i am seeing a new group of doctors at another hospital who will hopefully add a mesh to the inside wall of my belly to prevent the adhesions from reaching out and strangling my intestines and gall bladder and other organs. I have done a lot of research on the internet about this. I am very hopeful. its hard to think of a life with laporascopic surgery every 4-10 months without a doctor who believes this grows back. the doctors just tell me i am constipated and should take more laxatives. Any bulk or fiber could cause the intestine to explode as it cant pass. it has been very frustrating. Adhesions can begin forming as soon as 7 days post surgery.

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