Re: I Quit Smoking!

From: Jean Long (
Sun Jan 27 23:06:01 2002

Wonderful for you Lesa, keep up the good work!!!

Wish I could be stronger and get the willpower to do it! My husband also kicked the habit about 7 months ago when "I" was told to because of my artery......guess he did it for me. It was really easy for him! He had been sick in bed for 3 days (and he NEVER gets sick) so he couldn't tolerate smoking. When he got better he went to light one up, it didn't turn him on so he put it out and never lit another one since. He works allot so that helps by keeping him physically busy all the time to take his mind off of it. He also could afford the weight gain so he didn't have that concern to deal with.

No-one would let me stay in bed for 3 days non-stop like men can do or the roof would cave in! I am also home alone all day (other than a demanding puppy) so I have easy access to smoking, and due to health problems can't even keep busy physically to take my mind off of it. I have much more pressure, mental dealings, emotional and physical problems than he does which make it even harder. I also can't afford to gain weight since I am normal weight right now. Extra weight would make my hiatal hernia and bloating much worse and also put more stress on my leg, hip and back problems. I KNOW what every non-smoker is thinking..........what excuses!

I do commend anyone that can do it though (maybe one day I will too) ......bravo for you girl!!

I can't believe they are STILL nutsing you around with that abscess!!!!!!!!!!!! JEAN

"SMILE............It confuses people!" -----Original Message----- From: []On Behalf Of Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2002 10:59 PM To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Subject: I Quit Smoking!

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share with you all that as of 4:00 this afternoon it's been exactly 7 days since I've had a cigarette!! YEAH!!! It's not that I really don't want one right this second but I believe I can and will kick this nasty habit for good! So, keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I can continue to stop. As far as my abscess goes, the top layer of skin has closed over again so no drainage, I just feel it backing up behind it and kinda bulging so I'm sure the next big blow out isn't too far behind! Take care everyone and I love you all! Lesa

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