NYC Best Doctors for Laprascopic Surgery:

From: meg (
Sun Jan 27 13:53:53 2002

I am fairly new to this message board, have been following it for a about a month and a half now..I was checking out NYU's web site and NYU School of Medicine and I ran into this fantactic article that was recently published in NY Metro. I suffer daily with pain from adhesions and am currently doing pain management. I feel like there may be hope for us sooner than later now. "Cowboy Surgons" (open surgery) as they are refered to should be outlawed and will no doubt be forced to update their skills as more and more patients demand their surgeries be done laprascopicaly,or they will find their once prosperous practices dwindling. Read this article. It has changed my approach. I will never undergo another conventional surgery. I will most likely need another surgery someday for another bowel obstruction. The last one was July 2000. Read this article.

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