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From: Jo Eslick (
Fri Jan 25 17:51:03 2002

Hi Julie,

My name is Joanne Eslick & I have been visiting this site for almost twelve months now.  Many times I have had the "burning pain" sensation described to me by women visiting this board.  On the odd occassion I too have this sensation.  The only real way you will know for sure if your pain is adhesions related is by diagnostic laparoscopy (key hole surgery).  If your Gyn doesn't think your pain is caused by adhesions, then you might find it difficult to get her support to find the cause of your pain.

Julie, I do understand your frustration and I am also guessing that there is some anger mixed in there too.  The harsh reality of our painful situation is that we have to go through this long and torturous process to get any real help from the medical profession.  Persistance is the key, you must not give up in dispair and simply live with the pain as best you can, because it will eventually take it's toll on your marriage, family, career and your every day life.

Please, feel comforted by visiting us here at this site, it is ok to whine, complain, sound off & cry, we have all been living on the rollercoaster of pain and emotions for a long time and we understand & KNOW how you are feeling.

Trying to stay positive amidst all of this, it is so important to your mental and physical health.  I hope you have an understanding and compassionate partner, because that is certainly an important key to your sanity and emotional and physical support.

Go back to your Gyn and tell her that you are still experiencing this pain, it is interfering with your everyday life, it stops you from getting on with your daily activities and that the pain is agrivated by the normal routine of looking after a two year old.  Before that visit, read all the information you can find here on this site & others, educate yourself on this medical condition, adhesions ARE real, and YES they do cause pain.  The pain comes from the adhesions attaching to your abdominal wall for example & then wrapping around one of your organs & pulling it out of it's natural resting place in your body, or pulls the organ out of it's natural shape.  The pain comes from this aggrivated and inflamed organ that is being contiually put under strain from the adhesions.

Prepare yourself and write down a list of questions to ask your doctor, keep asking the questions until you are happy that you have a reasonable answer to each question.  remember as the patient YOU are in control, the doctor works for YOU.  It is your cheque that pays for the consultation and you want satisfactory service for the good money you have used to gain this consultation.  Education is power, take control of your treatment and make yourself more aware of your rights as a patient and this will help you in your efforts to find someone to help you.  Remember though, another surgery is not always the answer, sometimes a diagnostic procedure is needed to allow you to get to the next step, which is pain management so that you can resume your everyday activities.  At this time Julie, there is no certain cure for our pain or the formation of adhesions.  There are a few "barriers" being used in various countries around the world, but at this point, there are no flags waving to say, THIS is the answer, this is how we stop adhesions from reforming after a surgery to remove them.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Love & gentle hugs

Jo (Australia)

>From: "Julie Johns"
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Re: adhesion pain and pulling...
>Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 17:16:26 -0600
>Sherry, I was grateful to learn more about adhesions from your e-mail. I am
>still trying to find out if that is what I have pain from. I am new to this
>web-site and have spent the last 8 weeks going to doctors, having tests
>done, CT scan, ultrasound etc. Nothing has shown up. I had one c-section 2
>years ago and just now am experiencing pelvic pain. When did you go to
>Pennsylvania? What exactly did they do for you? Have you had any problems
>since then? Thanks, Julie Johns >
>----- Original Message -----
>From: Sherry
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>Sent: Monday, January 21, 2002 7:09 PM
>Subject: RE: adhesion pain and pulling...
> > I would like to share with our new friends a little information I have
> > learned in my battle with adhesions and their related disorders. We all
> > know the more info we have the better we can understand what our bodies
> > are going through. Pelvic adhesions are bands of scar tissue that form
> > between organs in the pelvic area. They are caused by infection,
> > inflammation, endometriosis, or as areas heal from surgery. Adhesion
> > pain can cause a sharp. pulling type of pain, or pain with intercourse
> > or bowel movements. They can be filmy like sheets of saran wrap, or
> > thick. Some contain small blood vessels. When they involve the
> > fallopian tubes, they can cause infertility or lead to ectopic
> > pregnancies. This happened to me. If they are above the liver they can
> > cause pain with deep breathing. If near the vagina, there can be pain
> > with intercourse. Yea, had that too! When they involve the intestines,
> > there can be pain with exercising, bowel disturbances, nausea, and
> > mechanical small bowel obstruction after previous surgery. This is the
> > most severe effect of adhesions that I have experienced. I too had my
> > bowel punctured during a surgery which hemorrhaging brings blood
> > products into the operating field. The raw surfaces from the operation
> > plus blood from tissues enhance the formation of adhesions. Pain
> > management is a must when the pain affects your quality of life. Keep a
> > journal that you can write down your symptoms,etc. In my personal
> > experience, when my adhesions had strangled my intestines and I could no
> > longer eat or have a bowel movement, I knew what was coming. I have a
> > wonderful primary care physician who hospitalized me while my husband
> > and son made arrangement for my trip to Scranton. PA. Dr. Redan &
> > Reich gave me back my life, I just pray every day, and I pray for all
> > who are suffering. In Friendship, Sherry
> >

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