Re: Dolores from Sally

From: dtouch (
Thu Jan 24 18:48:05 2002

Dear Sally: Yes, My attitude is very good. It is not hard to have a good attitude when your pot or gold at the end of the rainbow is empty because of your illness. I am now looking to fill my pot now. One day at a time Yes these stories here are so painful to me too and brings tears to my eyes. With the help of my wonderful internist and my super surgeon, I think I can overcome some of this hell I have been in. My illness is the result of someone taking my colon out in 1996 and it should have been taken out in 89. By this time it had done so much damage to my other organs and I have paid a price. The right thing 7 years too late. I am hoping to go to work maybe in a couple of months, of course I cannot life anymore ever but I want to give work a try. Maybe soon there will be a reliable spray that can be applied to organs to stop them from sticking until they heal and then be absorbed into the body. Love and hope, Dolores in Louisiana

Sally Grigg wrote:

> Dolores, My dear Dolores, as I read down the emails today, each one gets
> more and more painful to read. We have to endure so much, your attitude
> seems so good. I don't know what to say except that I'll stop complaining
> about my body after hearing about yours. Did you have a video taken? or
> pictures? Dr. Reich hands you pictures before you leave and you can see your
> adhesions and organs, etc. It's really very interesting if you can separate
> your mind from your emotions (oh, my God, that can't be my abdomen LOL) Good
> luck and love, Sally from California

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