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What a great letter. I'll be looking in the Readers Digest to see if they will show both sides of an arguement.


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Dear friends, The Readers Digest recently had an article about the people who are being hurt by the misuse of oxycontin,etc. I have sent them the following letter. There is an increasing amount of bad publicity about oxycontin and since this drug has made me functional and out of the worse of my pain, I felt that I had to speak up and defend its use by people in pain. With kindest regards, Sally

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Dear Readers Digest, Please do not use my name or city as the information I am giving to you is personal and private. Thank you. Sally Grigg, P.O. Box 121, 40501 North Highway One, Westport, California 95488 707-964-6725 fax707-964-1603

Dear Readers Digest, I have just finished reading your article about the misuse of pain medication, and am quite concerned that it will once again impact the needs of those in horrible pain. In November 1999, I had a complete abdominal hysterectomy. Since then I have been in acute pain from adhesions. I have had three laproscopic surgeries, one of which turned into a major operation because the doctor cut open my bladder because my abdomen was so full of adhesions, he could not see where anything was.

As soon as I am "closed up" from the operations, the adhesions begin forming. I have been to the best surgeons in the country (traveling to the East Coast and back) and there is nothing anyone can do. I intend no more surgeries unless it becomes apparent that my intestines are blocked or my organs are dying due to strangulation.

I have a successful business, am 56 years old, have never had a drug problem, and at first refused all medication. After laying in bed in agony and writhing with tears as I prayed to God to help me, I finally convinced my local doctor to prescribe oxycontin. I also bought a safe. I found out about this medication from Finally I can function again. I try to swim a little each week to keep myself limber. I have the support of my wonderful husband who at first disapproved strongly of all drugs. But he could not stand to see me in such pain.

People in real pain should take precedence over people trying to "get high". The medicine does not make me "high", but it does make my life bearable. Please don't forget those of us who live in constant agony.

To visualize my situation, think of rubberbands pulling and distorting the position of all of your abdominal organs. Think of strings tightening around your intestines and shutting them off. And then think of doctors who tell you that there is nothing that can be done, except another operation which will make things worse. In God's name, Sally GriggGet more fro

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