Re: Thanks to everyone who asked about me

From: dtouch (
Wed Jan 23 21:54:07 2002

dtouch wrote:

> Hello Everyone: Many thanks to all of you who asked about me and kept > me in your thoughts when I had my surgery on November 28. I wound up > being rushed back to the operating room on Dec. 4, Dec 7, Dec. 10 and > Dec. 14. So I am not yet 6 weeks postop. I will update my quilt when I > get a chance, but so far so good, I am still in some pain but for the > past couple of days I have only taken one pain pill each day. I went > through the surgery well-massive adhesions hanging from my diaphragm > along with a piece of my small intestine hung there also plus the many > more in my abdomen. None of my problems were the fault of my doctor. I > sprung a hole iny small intestine(I don't have a large intestine it was > removed in 1996. Of course with fecal contents in my peritoneal cavity > I became very ill with extremely high temp and had to be opened the > second time. To sum it up quickly, I would develop 2 fistulas, reject 2 > implants of mesh for my hernia, one implant was Gortek mesh and then my > surgeon ordered especially for me a new hernia repair that is made from > pig intestines. He said he thought I would be a perfect candicate for > it and it had just been released for use in the USA. He said it would > blend in with a persons body and grow into their flesh and stay pliable > as opposed to the synthetic meshes that can get very stiff. However, I > might not have rejected it if I had not originally been contaminated > with fecal material eventhough I had been irrigated very well and > appeared not to have any spots eaten away by the contamination. So my > hernia was repaired by starting inside with suture and sewing tissue > together to try to hold the sides together until they could grow > together. So far so good can barely tell it was ever a huge hernia. My > last surgery was in 1996 when I had my large intestine removed because > it had been destroyed in an automobile accident. Lucky no colostomy. > Had just enough sigmoid to anastomose to small intestine. I am so > hopeful I will be one of the lucky ones but it's just one day at a > time. Thanks again. Dolores in Louisiana

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