Re: Adhesions attaching uterus to abdominal wall

From: Millie (
Wed Jan 23 12:34:19 2002

Dear Renee, Please read the stories on the adhesions quilt. Do NOT have any more surgeries if you can avoid them, because I ended up with a hyst a year ago, and my adhesions are back!!! Any good Dr. will advise you not to keep having surgeries, as adhesions will form, and re - form, if you had them before. There are other downsides to having a hyst, please believe me!! Mine didn't even need to be done, but that's a story in, and of itself. Please seek another opinion, and don't let just any Dr. pressure you into more surgery. Millie.

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> I am 33 years old. I had a c-section in February of 1990. I had a
> second c-section in July 1996. I had no problems with pain until the
> year 2000. In October of 2000, I went in for laparoscopy to find the
> source of pain. Due to a large amount of scar tissue, they found that
> laparoscopy was impossible and had to cut me open fully. This surgery
> was done via a verticle incision about 6 inches long from my belly
> button down. They found extensive scar tissue and adhesions. My uterus
> was fully attached to my abdomen wall. The scar tissue and adhesions
> were cleaned up, and a barrier was put in place to, hopefully, decrease
> the risk of the adhesions re-forming.
> Unfortunately, I ended up in the operating room again in September of
> 2001. Less than 1 year after my initial surgery. This time, the Dr.
> tried laparoscopy from a different location (higher up on my abdomen and
> to the left), and found that the adhesions had returned. I again had
> the adhesions cleaned up (by being burned off).
> Here I am again, January of 2002, and the pain has returned with a
> vengeance. I am to have an ultrasound tomorrow morning to rule out
> other possibilities (possible cysts etc).
> I have reached the end of my rope, and reached the end of my patience. I
> do not know where to turn to next. My question is, has anyone else had
> this problem with the uterus specifically? If so, did a hysterectomy (as
> my dr is considering) take care of the issue? If the uterus, which is
> the specific organ that the adhesions are attaching to, is no longer
> there, will the adhesions come back and form on any other organ that is
> closest?
> I'm not sure what to do, or where to go to get answers. All my Dr seems
> to say with some repitition, is that scar tissue/adhesions are not
> painful. In the meantime, I am missing work due to the pain, and family
> functions are near impossible. I live in the state of New York and am
> looking for somewhere to go to speak to a specialist.
> Thank you for your time,
> Renee

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