Re: day 11, re-anastimosis and it's not working

From: clare (
Mon Jan 21 06:33:25 2002

Hi C. Taylor:

If I understand your message correctly, it seems to me that you have had a bowel surgery somewhat similar to an ostomy, which has then been reconnected, is that correct? We are a group of adhesion sufferers at this site, and I'm not sure if anyone here can help you. I wish we could, and perhaps there is someone here who has experienced something similar. Best wiashes.

At Sat, 19 Jan 2002, C. Taylor wrote: >
>I am looking for help or advise. I am on day 11 of a re-anastimosis. We
>are waiting for the reconnection to work but so far no luck. I am on a
>2400 CC TPN each night, with no oral food or liquid. I am swelling
>tremendously, and my surgeon is suggesting another secostomy. This is
>my second re-anastimosis, they gave me a secostomy after 7 days the
>first time.
>Do you of any other suggestions or procedures.
>Thank you
>C. Taylor
>C. Taylor


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