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Dear folks,

Today in the Salt Lake Tribune the Utah Attorney General has had a letter to the editor published. I hope you see the situation: the state's most powerful prosecutor is now injecting his political views into my criminal homicide case. I cannot see how this could be more inappropriate.

I am also concerned that Shurtleff is allowed to use the word "victim" without appending the modifier "alleged". This has happened repeatedly, when I have never been convicted of anything at all.

Here is the text of the letter:

The Salt Lake Tribune -- Letters to the Editor

"Outstanding Nominee"

Sunday, January 20, 2002

I write to respond to Susanne Gustin's letter

attacking University of Utah law professor Paul Cassell

("Don't Confirm Cassell <http://www.weitzelcharts.com/Don't_confirm_Cassell.htm> ," Jan. 4). Ms. Gustin, speaking

as a representative of Utah's criminal defense bar,

opposes Professor Cassell's nomination to be a federal

district judge in Utah; as the attorney general of this

state, I support him.

Contrary to Ms. Gustin's allegation of "bias,"

Professor Cassell's conduct in the Weitzel case is an

example of good lawyering. Cassell donated his time to

represent the families of the victims whom Mr. Weitzel

is charged with having killed. Utah crime victims have

legal rights guaranteed by the Utah Constitution and the

Utah Rights of Crime Victims Act. They had a right to be

heard and Paul Cassell assured that right.

In the Weitzel case, after Judge W. Brent West

denied the prosecution's motion to disqualify Judge

Thomas L. Kay, my office appealed. Professor Cassell, on

the behalf of the victims' families, filed a "friend of

court" brief supporting our position, and the Utah Court

of Appeals ruled in our favor.

The Attorney General's Office has litigated with

Professor Cassell as our ally and with him as our

opponent. We have found that, like most criminal defense

attorneys, he is a zealous advocate for his client's

position. That he represents, and has been a voice for,

the victims of crime is a qualification, not a

disqualification, for service in the judicial branch.

I believe Paul Cassell will make an excellent

federal judge. I enthusiastically support his nomination

and believe that the overwhelming majority of Utahns,

were they aware of his character and credentials, would

join me in that support.


Utah Attorney General (Shading and hyperlink added)

© Copyright 2002

I am concerned that Shurtleff is playing politics, when his office has decided to prosecute me. This just seems so warped. I'm being accused of homicide for just doing my job, and the attorney general is airing his political views while making intemperate public accusations against me.

Is there anyone out there who thinks this is outrageous?

On another note, for those of you who live in the Salt Lake City area, I have begun waiting tables at "The Paris Bistro", 15th East and 15th South, putting food on the table and paying the rent. Feel free to call and reserve a table in "Dr. Weitzel's" section. I will do my best to make sure you receive the most "professional" service in town.

Take care, all,


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