Re: What can I eat?

Sun Jan 20 15:58:49 2002

Dearest Marea, I am sorry to hear you are in such a bad condition.My heart goes out toyou .It seems that you are in good hands if your doctors are on top of this.If you are having a high white blood count there is infection obviously somewhere.I hope they find out what is causing your problem. Was that your first surgery?I am on a regular diet although I don't have problems with diarrhea. I do have bloating problems. I am on meds to keep paristalsis going.I have had several surgeries with the last to remove adhesions in my small intestines and a small bowel resection. They kind of told me to stay on a soft diet for a while.Like no steak because it is so coarse. You may want to try a soft diet.And besides that you can ask your doc . Hope this helps. Best Wishes Lillian

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