kimberly knox,/Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Jan 19 22:41:26 2002

Dear Kim, Hi, welcome to the board, I can't remember if we have already spoken, but please know that we're here for you. The best thing we can do is be honest. You have had so many surgeries already, and you still have pain. Now I'm not a doctor and this site is not designed to give out medical advice, it does allow us to share experiences and opinions. And it seems like you need good pain managment and someone to talk to regularly. Pain takes away your life. I know, I've been there and am still coping, but I must say I feel better than I did a few years ago even though the pain is the same. It's being masked by pills most of the time. I can function. I don't think you should keep having surgeries unless there is some reason, like cancer, total blockages, weird growths, the things that the doctor tells you can only be cured by surgeries. At this time surgeries don't help too many people get rid of adhesions. So please don't destroy your whole abdomen searching for a cure where there is none. Sorry to be so preachy. Take care, and lots of hugs and love, Sally

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