X-ray and ultrasound detections

From: anonymous@medispecialty.com
Fri Jan 18 14:40:01 2002

I just got out of the hospital about 3 weeks ago. I went in because of a possible miscarriage. They informed me that the pregnacy was probably in the tubes and that they wanted to do laproscopic surgery. After I woke up from surgery I found out that they had tried to go through my belly button, but when they did, they said they did not know that I had adhesions (from a previous intesinal blockage surgery, that stemmed from a c-section)and they ended up cutting into my intestines. The doctor's words were "your bile (or bowel) started coming out through your laproscopic incision." They repaired it and took one of my tubes. My question is: After my indication of the c-section and the previous surgery for intestinal blockage due to adhesions, having the same symptoms of the intestinal surgery, x-rays and ultrasounds...wouldn't they have been able to SEE and know of the adhesions BEFORE they decided to do a laproscopic surgery?

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