Re: Lesa - Respect your health - To Jo

Fri Jan 18 11:19:00 2002

Jo, Hello! Thank you so much for your concern, I do appreciate it. I guess I worded my response to Robyn without much forethought. I am concerned that taking vicodin for so long and the damage it may cause in the long term to my liver, but to be completely truthful (even though it may not be too smart) I am concerned more about my day to day functioning with pain than what may or may not happen later on. I have been to a pain management clinic, first he wanted me on morphine (which I think was way over the top) I had become addicted to morphine during my hospitilization and the withdrawl from it was hell. Not to mention it made me sick to my stomach. When I went back to him and told him he gave me Duragesic patches which were HORRIBLE! At that time I had asked for oxycontin and he said no and put me back on Vicodin. I am currently waiting on an ok to see another pain doctor and hopefully he will come up with a different plan for me. Anyway Jo, thanks so much for caring, I do appreciate you so much. With Love, Lesa

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