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From: Wanda (
Thu Jan 17 18:01:32 2002

I just found out the source of my pain post hysterectomy and later removal of remaining ovary are adhesions (Oct 2001). Please refer me to a website where I can find detailed information on adhesions. I think my doctor is discounting my pain, even he told me not to walk 8 weeks post-op! Thanks.

At Fri, 11 Feb 2000, KIM MERRELL wrote: >
>At Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Tina Shelby wrote:
>Hello again,
>Im with you on your input of surgery vs no surgery. I wish that I had
>been told exactly what I was facing. I guess I just didnt realize how
>revengeful these adhesions are!
>I assumed that they would go away & was never told any different until
>now. I too, almost died (as you can read in this months message board)
>In retrospect, if I had not ever
>had surgery, I wouldnt have gone thru this last year of extreme physical
>and emotional pain. My husband also was an
>emotional wreck.
>For someone who is new to the vicious circle of adhesions,,
>should be told extensively about the consequences of surgery. And..not
>only that..but I think they should be
>given tons of information and maybe have previous patients who have had
>the same experience give them their input as well. (Giving them this
>website would be EXTREMELY
>Something ironic about this last surgery in which I almost
>died..the 2 doctors who performed the surgery (who by the way..were
>intestional and colon specialists that were called in just to do the
>surgery--not my regular doctor) told me that they had cut out the
>adhesions and I shouldnt ever have any more problems!!!!!! I had to
>laugh at both of them.
>They are both in the dark about adhesions as well.
>If you dont not take control of your life..& question continiously what
>is going on..then you may have some of the problems I had and that alot
>of you have had. I know now..that surgery isnt the answer unless it is
>a life or death situation with the blockage.
>Sorry this is so long..but..if I can help one person not go thru what I
>did..then its worth it.
>Again..anyone wanting to email me is more that welcome!
>:-) keep smiling
>>I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth about having surgery or not having
>>I have had no less than 12 abdominal surgeries for adhesions. After each
>>surgery, I would have pain relief, for a time, then the pain wouold return
>>with a vengence. Each time, I sought a surgeon who would go in and "clean
>>up" the adhesions and take out whatever the adhesions had caused, such as
>>ovarian cysts/tumors. My last surgery all but cost me my life. I had a total
>>abd. hyst but also had a nicked bowel. I spent a week in ICU with my family
>>not knowing if I was going to live or die. My husband still can not talk
>>about the horrible experience without getting emotional. Seprafilm was used,
>>but because of the infection, it did not help.
>>After about 9 months, the pain was back again. It was at this point, I
>>decided not to put my family/myself through another potentially
>>life-threatening surgery but sought pain-management. This does not mean I
>>have lost hope, on the contrary, I am at peace with my decision. The
>>medicines/diet are working to control the episodes of what I describe as
>>"sucidial levels" of pain.
>>I am in the process of getting disability as I can not work and take these
>>medicines. I am looking into starting my own home-based business and I am
>>co-authoring a book. Although life is not fair, (not that anyone said that
>>it would be) - I am using what I have and am going to live my life to the
>>fullest - and not let the pain get the better of me. I could feel sorry for
>>myself, but what benifit is that? I don't understand why this has happened
>>to me. I could be bitter, just sit down and let life pass me by, but what a
>>waste of life that would be.
>>So, I just wanted to let you all know, that if the time comes, where surgery
>>is no more the option of choice (or the cure), you can live with ahesions
>>(with pain management) and have a productive life, even though it may be a
>>bit different that what you had envisioned for yourself. So don't be
>>discouraged because surgery does not have to be your only option. I will not
>>have surgery again, unless I totally obstruct and have not other choice.


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