JO HELP Adhesions and the major cover-up of what operations can DO

From: Sally Grigg (
Wed Jan 16 18:14:51 2002

Jo, would you please delete this part of the message it and send it along. My computer says the site doesn't exist.

From: Sally GriggEmail:

Dear Oprah and staff, I am writing to you about adhesions, which form after surgeries, mostly hysterectomies. Specfically I'm writing about a woman named Karla who is dying from adhesions. She has had numerous operations to help her, but to no avail. We belong to the same adhesions site at In the past year we have written and gotten to know each other well. I hate to see her "pass" from this earth while the events that caused her to be so ill are still happening. Adhesions and the damage to our bodies is a well kept "secret". If everyone knew about them there would be fewer female abdominal surgeries.

Four years ago I was a "young" vibrant healthy woman with a Bed& Breakfast Ranch on the ocean. Today I still have the business but I'm no longer healthy. After my operation my organs got all connected and four surgeries later, I've given up on surgeries, even laproscopic ones, and live with pain 24/7. It was all totallly unneccessary. Please go to our adhesions site and read some of the stories on the quilt. They'll make your hair stand on end. Nobody tells you about the possibility of adhesions before the operation and afterwards, its too late. There is no cure. You just pray. 68% of women having laproscopic surgery to get rid of the adhesions have them come back, most of the time worse. People need to know about this. Even if some people have adhesions and no pain and some people don't get them at all, the ones who do suffer enough for everybody. We need research. Women are dying and no one knows or seems to care. Please, please help shine a light on this. It's been in the dark too long. With kindest regards, Sally Grigg 707-964-6725 P.O. Box 121 Westport, California 95488 fax707-964-1603

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