Re: Finally Decided to 'Hi'

From: Jo Eslick (
Wed Jan 16 15:49:53 2002

Welcome Robyn,

If you have been visiting the board for about 12 months,  you must have found the board at about the same time I did!  I am glad that you decided it was time to say hello & let us know you are there.

How did you react when you first came across this site?  I know I just sat at the computer reading the message board, until I discovered the quilt.  I must have started to make some sort of sound because my husband came over and sat next to me and started reading.  All he could say was "oh!', and then he would read something else and then would come the "oh!"

By that time the front of my T-shirt was pretty wet, I just sat riveted to the screen, after all the suffering, after all the questions I had asked myself, here were other women going through the same thing!  It wasn't in my head at all!  I didn't have a low tolerence of pain, I wasn't lazy, and I wasn't suffering some kind of weird mental condition.  As I had suspected for a while after being told by the Gyno who had performed an abdominal hystorectomy which took five and a half hours and was very close to bleeding to death, it was the adhesions causing the pain. They had almost cost me my life, but I had NEVER been told how serious adhesions were or that I was endangering my future health by continuing to add to my already happy little family! (I have four daughters all delivered by C-section)

If you have been closely watching the board for a year, you will aready be aware of my pain and my decision to allow my new Gyno to operate on me in April to try and free my ovaries from adhesions, but remove them if they could not be saved.  Well he couldn't even see them!  The adhesions were so dence he just had to carefully cut away as many of the adhesions he could, and hope that he got it all out.(My ovaries)

Pathology revealed endometriosis covering my ovaries, and I was also told that it was possible that a small piece of one of my ovaries had been left behind.  I was told this was a positive thing because it would still contribute some of the hormones produced by the ovaries and would be supplimented by HRT.

Robyn, it is a nightmare, please if you have been visiting the board for a year, you will know full well how many of us have undergone surgery in that time, and how many of us are still around because we still experience pain, and in many cases we are worse off than when we started.

I am having a bit of a challenge with my health at the moment and I am pretty sure that adhesions and the ovary remnant play a part in it.  My bladder is covered in adhesions and did improve a little after the surgery last April (my ovaries were tethered by adhesions to my bladder, bowel, vagina and abdominal wall) but right now I am feeling just a little yukky.

Please Robyn, think very carefully before you consider surgery, then I beg you to think about it some more.  Such a small percentage find themselves completely pain free, the rest of us have probably in truth have had our problems and pain become more serious and more invasive in our every day lives.

I hope you continue to visit us, and post a message every now and again to let us know how you are getting on.  Please remember that everything I say is from my experience as a fellow adhesions sufferer, I have no medical training, but I have learned so much about the human body (my weird one in particular) and what can happen as a result of surgery, an illness or infection, or even a heavy blow (such as one sustained in a car accident).

My love and warm gentle hugs to you Robyn,

Jo (Australia)

>From: (Robyn)
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Finally Decided to 'Hi'
>Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 14:29:24 -0600
>Hi everyone, I've been reading this board for almost a year now. My
>last surgery left me with more abdominal adhesions - mainly in my lower
>left pelvic area. I went to see my surgeon last week (my surgery was
>last May) and he just wanted to focus on more endro forming on my only
>remaining organ (my right ovary). In regards to the adhesions he just
>said that's part of the healing process....YIKES! I'm currently taking
>vicodine, which is perscribed to me by my neurologist for this condition
>I have called peripheral neuropathy and she's perscribed only taking 1
>to 2 a day. Well lately due to the adhesion pain, I've been taking 4-6
>a day and I'm almost out. I don't know what to do about needing more
>Anyway, thanks to all of you and the wonderful companionship I've found
>on this board and thank you for letting me know "I'm not alone".

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