Re: Pain Management Question

From: Cheryl Cole (CCRYDER752@AOL.COM)
Sun Jan 13 06:35:54 2002

At Sat, 12 Jan 2002, Katrina wrote: >
>Hello Everyone,
>I am recovering from my December surgery (lucky #13) and since the Drs
>have decided no more surgery they are sending me to a pain management
>specialist. I have never been to one and was wondering if anyone has
>any information on what to expect and what to look for.
>Thanks! Katrina

Katrina, I forgot to mention, the new PS also put me on Celexa for depression. Depression is common in chronic pain sufferers and makes the pain worse. As for the side effects of the oxycontin, I really haven't noticed much. I am on 40 mg tablets 4 x day, which is a pretty strong dose.(I think) It doesn't take away all my pain; just kind of dulls it so it is bearable. The Lortab does seem to make me sleepy and itch all over. I had a lap for ovarian cysts, but nothing could be done because of too many adhesions to even view the ovaries. No surgeon will touch me now because they are afraid of nicking the bowel or other organs. Only if there is a full bowel obstruction. for the ones like us, we must find something to ease the pain because it is going to be with us until research finds a cure. Pain free hugs to you...Cheryl

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