Re: Having an Oxycontin problem-Kel

Sat Jan 12 19:45:23 2002

Dear Kel:

I'm not sure what the average is but, since actually the oxy only lasts about 6 hours it depends on how long your day is. I explained to my pain specialist that I was up and going at 6 which would be my first dosage, then the pain would start again by 12, so at 6 p.m. it would start again. Therefore, I needed an amount for 3 times a day. He agreed totally and had no problem prescribing it for three times a day and, as I said previously, something for breakthrough pain. Also, I was prescribed valium as a muscle relaxer. Good luck with your doctor and I hope he understands that you need a higher dosage in order to keep you at a more comfortable level.



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