Many Operations- No relief!

From: Jean Long (
Sat Jan 12 16:34:47 2002


Every time a doctor operates — whether it’s a big incision or a little one — scar tissue forms inside

the pelvis, Levy says. This scar tissue — known as adhesions — can cause pain.

And then there’s the issue of nerve damage, Martin says. Multiple surgeries seem to be

linked with pain from injured nerves. Many women undergo surgery over and over again.

If you peruse the endometriosis discussion groups and bulletin boards on the Internet, it is not

unusual to read accounts of women who’ve had multiple surgeries

— 12, 13, 14, even more — and still suffer from pelvic pain. These women believe that they need more surgery because their trusted

physician’s have told them that the endometriosis has grown back and another

operation is the only solution. So why would women keep coming back for a treatment that

seems so ineffective? Well, first and foremost, it’s because their pain is so unbearable, says,

Dr. Dan Martin, a reproductive surgeon and a clinical associate professor at the

University of Tennessee in Memphis.

Adhesion Related Disease is THE most infringing and disabling disease in the world today.


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