Sorry about the lawyer post

Sat Jan 12 07:26:38 2002

To everyone, I'm so sorry that, that lawyer replied to my email that I wrote over a year ago! I had to get off the oxycontin just like Helen C. said, because I had surgery and needed to get off of the pills. But as Helen said again, I was still in pain and needed back on the oxycontin for a life. And what a hard fight "Hell-yun" and I had to get me to a doctor, a pain doctor, to help me! If it were not for my sweet Helen with the fire and hell under her, I wouldn't be this far in relief! She gave me the hope and fight I needed to get adequate pain medication. Thanks Helen for always sticking by me.....(no pun intended-tee hee) Again, I'm sorry if the lawyer email made you upset, that's the last thing we need along with our devil pain. Love and hugs to all of you and may you be pain free forever I pray, ~Chrissie xo's

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