Re: Mr. Munley, Esquire

Fri Jan 11 23:12:39 2002

Dear Mr. Munley:

Instead of trying to make money off of a wonderful drug that is helping thousands of chronic pain patients (since you came to this site looking for ways to make a buck), why not help us? Here you will find 100's of chronic pain patients that were left this way because of listening to physicians to have surgery only to be left in chronic pain. Many of us here have had hysterectomies and/or other surgeries and were never told that surgery could cause adhesions and now have been left in chronic pain that there is no cure for. Adhesions are caused by surgery and the only way to get rid of adhesions is having surgery, but once again surgery causes adhesions, and the adhesions reform. Some women here have had up to 23 surgeries trying to rid themselves of this horrible disease and many have been left worse off than before their surgeries. Why can't we sue for being left in chronic intractable pain? Why can't we sue for pain and suffering for not being given the proper pain medication or any pain medication at all? For being called druggies and not being believed that we are in pain? For not being able to work but being denied SSD? For ending up in the ER because of denial of pain medication? Why are surgeons allowed to operate and not tell us the risk of getting adhesions? Why can't we file a class action suit against the AMA for all of the above reasons, and many more that I'm sure I've missed. Now this would be something worth suing for!!!!!!


Helen Chalmers Baltimore, MD Chronic Pain Patient (Disabled)

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