Re: small bowel obstruction

From: Sherry (
Fri Jan 11 19:26:52 2002

Jill, or do you prefer Julie? I really do understand your frustration about not really knowing what to do and when you are ill it's hard to deal with making decisions. At one point when I was having symptoms of a partial bowel obstruction I was sent for the usual tests. I believe it was the upper GI series and a follow through, anyway it was the one where you drink the white chalky liquid and they monitor its progression. Well, I was there all day, and never did expell it and they let me go home! Long story short, I ended up having surgery for lysis of adhesions that were strangling my intestines. After a couple days I was discharged and soon after became violently ill. Back to the hospital for acute bowel obstruction. They inserted the NG tube and I received IV fluids for dehydration. It resolved itself after a few days. I guess I have had such terrible experiences with obstructions I don't want anyone to go through it. Has your physician ordered an abdominal x-ray? An experienced physician can determine from the film whether there is an actual obstruction or whether the bowel function is a little slow(ileus). When I would start getting crampy and nauseated, I would stop eating and take medication for nausea. The problem remains, surgery is controlled tissue injury and within the abdomen scar tissue begins to seal over within hours of the tissue trauma. As the repairing process continues with time, the adhesions(scar tissue) become more fibrous and very dense and strong. Adhesion problems can be incapacitating, causing continued pain, cramping and bowel disturbance. My personal experience stared with a ruptured tubal pregnancy and exploratory laparotomy. From that point on I had surgery after surgery and the adhesions got worse and worse. I even had my surgeon try Seprafilm. I learned the hard way that finding the right doctor/surgeon is critical. I found the best laproscopic surgeons who specialized in adhesion removal techniques. I felt this was my best chance to try to beat this horrible cycle that my life had become. I have done some research into why some people scar so badly. In the majority of the population scar tissue when damaged will stabilize within four to eight weeks. In some patients who suffer from mixed connective tissue disorders such as Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr, etc., the scar response is amplified. I am so sorry to ramble, I just get so upset that so many suffer and there seems to be no easy way out. Let me know how you are feeling. Sherry

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