Re: Pain relief

Fri Jan 11 11:54:59 2002


When I was working, I had to back off from my pain meds and struggle through. Unfortunately, this eventually led to the loss of my job, even though what I was doing I could have done from home. But the pain mgmt doctor said I had a sedentary job abd there wasn't any reason I couldn't work. I still don't understand how he thought I was going to get there and back! Of course, I don't see him anymore and am still looking for a new job (5 mos. so far).

I don't know what will happen if I do find a job. If it is close by, maybe I can get there and then take my meds, I just don't know. Anytime I have to drive anywhere, I have to psyche myself up for it and as soon as I get home, it's back to the heating pads and pills.


At Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Jayne wrote: >
>Just a thought here.
>I am not able to take my pain meds if I plan on driving because they make me
>so sleepy so when the kids need to be run here, there and everywhere I can't
>take them. Sometimes I have to go all day with no pain relief and by the
>end of the day I'm about ready to climb the walls.
>How do you get through it when you can't take your pain meds? Or do you
>just try to struggle through like me?
>Take care

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