the "drink" prior surgery

Fri Jan 11 10:40:54 2002

Hi my sweet friends, I was wondering, you know that yucky, smelly, gross tasting, stuff we have to drink prior to our surgery? Colyet, collyite, or however it's spelled. I can't drink that stuff it makes me toss my cookies all over the place. Just the smell is enough to turn the tummy. To this day I can't drink out of a clear glass just seeing the liquid in the glass. Does anyone have the same reaction I do? I know that we have to drink that stuff before our surgeries so that the bowel is clean as a whistle causing the doctors to not mistakenly cut the bowel. What I was wondering, if I can't drink that stuff before surgery, what else can I do? Last time I put myself on a liquid diet for a week and 1/2 before surgery and gave myself a couple of enemas to make sure the bowels were clean, clean, clean. If anyone has a trick to this method, can you share it with me please. I'm not having another surgery in the near future, but I know I will be having surgery sometime in the future. Thanks for lending me your eyeballs and brains..... Love and hugs to all of you, here's praying for a cure soon before we go bonkers, ~Chrissie xo's

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