Jo") Lisa ") Rose ")

Fri Jan 11 09:26:53 2002

whops, hit the send button before I typed my email....where is my brain today? YEAH Jo for getting a camera crew together and taping our devil pain stories! What can I do, how can I help? This is so exciting! First the letter to the government, now a possible get together....yippee, hurray, ya baby! There's lots of positives with this negative disease I've been noticing! Rose my sweets, now don't you worry about not being able to be there....who knows, we can visit your neighborhood! I'm planning to win the meggabucks so with that money, I'll share for research for ARD as well as sharing with my sweetie pies to make their life easier. ") Lisa you sweet thing you.......There will be a day soon that I actually give you a great big gentle squeeze....I'm so excited! ") Love to all of you wonderful ladies...keep smiling those beautiful smiles of yours.... Lots of love and hugs and care, ~Chrissie xo's

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