Julie from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (lostcst@mcn.org)
Thu Jan 10 13:06:00 2002

Dear Julie, Welcome to the adhesions site. We'll all try to answer your questions and let you complain and whine all you want. It's tough being in pain for years and no one really understands. But we are here for you. Most of us come and go, writing and not writing depending on our own pain level. I just started taking oxycontin and its working. I've had pain free hours. Incredible. I love being out of pain, though it comes back really fast. Welcome aboard.

Have you been to the adhesions site yet and put your story on the quilt. http://www.adhesions.org. It's a great place.

I live in California http://www.howardcreekranch.com Looking forward to hearing from you again. Love, Sally

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