Re: I have a question - Jayne

From: Jayne (
Thu Jan 10 11:00:28 2002

Hi Helen,

> Sorry to hear that you are off to the ER. Please let us know what they
find > and if your doctor has any suggestions for you.

Actually, I didn't go after all I know, I know but I just wanted to let my pain meds kick in and go to bed. The pain is still pretty intense so I may still end up going even if it's just to rule out a kidney stone.

>Once you find out if you
> don't have any stones, perhaps just having Mark change your pain
medication > may help you deal with the pain better.As I said, it seems that the
> oxycontin seems to help many keep the pain at a lower level than a lot of
> other opiods and you don't get the sleepiness with them. Also, with the
oxy > many of us get another prescription for breakthrough pain, this
combination > seems to help many of us. Good luck.

I think I will try to see if Mark will change my meds and see if it works.


Take care


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