Re: small bowel obstruction

From: John and Julie McLaren (
Wed Jan 9 23:57:42 2002

Hi There

My name is Julie and I live in Western Australia.

I dont know whether you will even get this message, but I am pretty desperate for any information you can give me regarding abdominal pain from adhesions.

I have had four caesarean sections, a laparotomy from an ectopic pregnancy, a appendicectomy, I think you get the picture.

I have had every test know to man kind, but they all come back clear. My Gastroenterologist thinks I suffer with sub acute bowel obstruction going by my history. The pain I experience is like child birth radiating from the right to left lower abdomen with occasional upper pain too. Surgery is not an option she said as it would cause more adhesions. I have had this now for nearly eight years and I am not coping with the pain very well.

I would appreciate your comments please.


Julie :)

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