Re: I have a question

From: Jo Eslick (
Wed Jan 9 08:47:09 2002

Oh my Helly Belly!

I am sorry that you are having such a yukky time with all of those pains..... I know it gets me down a bit sometimes.... but can I ask you to try something for me? 

OK, what I want you to do is for the next week, not worry about what the pain might be, I don't want you to anylise it, descibe it or wonder if it is adhesions or something else.  I want you to get up every morning & take your pain medication.... have breakfast, get the kids off to school or whatever else is a part of your morning routine.  Then I want you to sit in your favourite comfy chair for half an hour as a reward for getting everyone off to school/work on time.  OK, you can have a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate - which ever gives you the feeling that it is a real reward.

OK, after your break I want you to choose one household chore that isn't too strenuous and time consuming..... spend no more than 20 minutes to half an hour doing it.  How are you feeling?  Do you need a break? OR do you think you could tackle another small job?  When you have done three small chores or activities it is time to have a proper rest.  Have a nap on the bed, but set the alarm, because a short nap is better, you often feel much worse if you over sleep. 

Then have lunch and read a magazine or watch a show on TV, or jump on the net & read some of your email.  The afternoon should be spent preparing the evening meal & setting the table for dinner.  Oncwe all that has been done, find a comfy spot to rest in and wait for the kids to get home from school. If you have done all the preperation before they get home, it should all go pretty smoothly & you will have no problems serving dinner & clearing up.  Then it's time to put your feet up & spend some quality time with hubby or a good book....whatever your choice may be.

Now after a week Helly.... tell me how it worked..... it might not go as smoothly as it does on paper.... but i bet if you just do what you can despite the pain & not think about it, or worry about what it might be.... it might just help you get it under control a little.

(((Helly Belly)))  I hope it helps

love & gentle hugs my friend


>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: RE: I have a question
>Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 12:35:57 -0600
>Hi my IAS buddies:
>I have a question, as I am trying to understand what I am feeling inside my
>body. OK, I have a right-sided rib pain that can feel like a knife is
>sticking in there at times, other times it just aches or pains, other times
>it is extreme. I feel pain all throughout my abdomen at times and the upper
>part of my vagina and rectum hurts. I get lower back pain when I walk too
>much. My legs, hands and arms ache. Now, except for the pulling I feel on
>my right side from my rib to my lower abdomen I don't feel any extensive
>pulling in other areas although I feel pain from them, so sometimes I wonder
>if this is adhesions or what it is. The right-sided rib pain could be nerve
>damage, but of course all tests are negative for anything. What I am asking
>is for those that have the time to please write in and tell me what you feel;
>what parts of your body you are having pain from and what the pain feels
>like. I am just trying to compare what I feel and what others feel to help
>understand what is going on inside my body.
>Thank you all for those that have the time to write and let me know. To a
>much better 2002 and that there be a cure coming soon for us.

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