Re: I have a question - To Helen

Tue Jan 8 21:43:54 2002

Dear Helen, I haven't been online too much lately because of my pain,'s back with a vengeance. I was just thinking of what my pain reminded me of the other day and I think it's lately been like intense cramps you get during your period. I personally haven't had a period since September of 1987 but the feeling is pretty much the same. It feels like tugging, pulling, knife stabbing pain just where my ovaries would be if I had any! And I get dull achy pain in my lower back, this is pretty much constant.

I have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday. While visiting my inlaws for the holidays I took some of my sister in laws oxycontin and they worked pretty well, better than the vicodin es I've been taking forever. So, I'm going to try to get my doctor to write me a prescription for some, he probably won't, he'll send me to the pain guy who will write anything pretty much.

Take care Helen! Love, Lesa

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