Re: I have a question

From: Jayne (
Tue Jan 8 19:36:29 2002

Hi Lisa,

My pain is more severe in the early evening and at night too. This is sounding more and more like my pain stems from adhesions so I shall definitely make an appointment with my GP tomorrow and if he doesn't want to look into it I'll find someone who will.

Take care


> Helen- I don't know if it will help, but I have constant crampy > abdominal pain 24/7. I have sharp pulling pain up where my ribs come > together, which I believe is from my laparoscopy in October'01, those > are adhesions that cause the pain I used to have with my old adhesion > problems- (sharp pulling).This constant crampy, sometimes severe pain is > awhole new ballgame for me. My pain ( I believe they call it > break-through pain) is severe in the early evening and at night. I hope > this will help. I saw Dr. Diamond, an adhesion expert, he told me he > believes my pain is caused by adhesions. >

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