Re: help - Kathi

Tue Jan 8 12:13:55 2002

Dear Kathi:

There are two other members from New Hampshire and I know that one had a very hard time trying to find pain management. She just stayed very persistant until finally she found one that would give her the medication she needed but she fought a hard battle. Her name is Chrissie (she e-mails in pink) and I'm sure she wouldn't mind telling you where she finally found help and the other one is Kathy R. but am not sure if she has a pain management specialist as her surgery was a success. Hope this helps. I know your state is very hard to find help in as we went through this with Chrissie and as I said it was a hard battle for her to find help. She almost had to come to Maryland to find help as I have a wonderful pain specialist that is in VA.

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