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From: Ginny Halpern (
Tue Jan 8 10:05:55 2002

Hell Darling

I am soooo excited about this but am a little confused as to how and who to write to. PLEASE give me the specifics, especially if I am to find out who a legislator is or send it to a congressman or whatever.

On a more personal note., I suck at calling those I love and want to talk to. I had every good intention of calling you over a month ago and chatting. Would you believe I have not even called my mother since Thanksgiving?

I guess you might say I have fallen into a pathetic, shitty state of self deprecation and I have not written to my family, friends or gone outside my immediate surroundings for months. I think I am in a total state of mental melt down. I dunno.

I really want to sit and blabber with you about anything and everything but it seems the days go by as I sit on the ?ucking couch and do absolutely nothing but watch TV and wonder what tomorrow will bring and I don't pick up the phone for anyone.

I want to keep our friendship alive and let it grow. I really feel you and I could be good buddies and have some laughs together. I wish I understood depression better than I do.

Please tell me how to go about sending this letter (?) to whomever and I will write it as soon as I know what I am doing.

I guess I told you I lost my dear pain management doctor 2 weeks age 39 he died of a massive coronary. I saw his partner for the first time since I started management 6 yrs ago and he's nothing like Dr Steve was. I miss my own doctor so. He was my lifeline and my friend.

Anyway.......I hope you had a nice holiday and that you still have faith in me as a friend./ I want us to get to know each other better. I just have to pull out of this kamikaze spiral I seem to be in right now.

Bev is trying to shake me out of it and I am working hard to get my ass out of the house and be part of society again. I isn't as easy as I thought



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From: Helen Dynda To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2001 11:11 PM Subject: TIPS to help YOU write a letter to the government...Deadline is January 8th!!

It is very important that ALL ADHESION SUFFERERS accept personal responsibility to let the U.S. Government know how very important it is that the government establish a code to help them collect data on the significant surgical procedure known as "APPLICATION OF AN ADHESION BARRIER for PREVENTION of ADHESIONS".

As you write your letter, keep in mind that "a code for the 'Application of an adhesion barrier for the prevention of adhesions' " is the focus. Then relate - from your experience - the experiences you've had as a result of adhesion surgeries. If an adhesion barrier was used, be sure to mention it! ~ ~ ~ ~

Dr. Wiseman listed the following questions in his letter - to give adhesion sufferers some examples as to what to include in these letters to the government.

1. How many times has a health professional told you that adhesions don't cause pain or problems?

2. How many times have you come across health professionals, who have never heard of adhesion barriers?

3. How many times have you come across health professionals, who are unwilling to use adhesion barriers?

4. Have you been affected by adhesions due to previous surgeries and then told they are not a problem?

5. Have you experienced a disease or illness requiring multiple surgeries?

6. Have you experienced a significant reduction in quality of life due to adhesions?

7. Have you experienced a lack of willingness by your physician to use adhesion barriers?

~ ~ ~ ~

Here are additional examples that may be helpful when you write your letter:

1. How many surgeries have you had to endure because of adhesions? Kind of surgery: laparotomy or laparoscopy? What year was each surgery done?

2.) Did any surgery for adhesions cause complications for you: such as loss of any abdominal/pelvic organs, inadvertant nicks by the surgeon into vital organs, or peritonitis?

3. Was an adhesion barrier - such as: Interceed, Seprafilm, or Intergel - used for any of these surgeries.

4. Did you experience any side effects because of the use of an adhesion barrier - such as inflammation, etc.?

5. If an adhesion barrier was used in any of your surgeries, did it help? Or did your adhesion problems become worse?

6. If an adhesion barrier was used in any of your surgeries, are you still pain-free today?

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