From: kfrog (
Tue Jan 8 08:34:19 2002

> What is belladonna? Do you know if it's available in Canada or the U.S.?

Hi, Clare!

Here is a web site:

My husband went to get my percoset refilled and one of the nurses told him of belladonna. (Sometimes the nurses know more than the doctors-have you noticed that?). She had the doctor (mine was not there) prescribe belladonna (Donnatal), which she said was great with stomach and bowel cramps. (I have been practically in labour since November.) Two days on the new med and voila! It worked!

They say it is an old drug that has been around forever. It's strange, but I swear I read about it in Little Women, as Jo sat in a dark closet and took some. And I believe Victorian ladies put the liquid form in their eyes to make them sparkle.

My eyes must be sparkling as I have been painfree, save 2-3 teensy twinges, since it started to work-about a week now. And when I told my doctor he said, "That's great, kiddo! I'll give you all the belladonna you need!" Thank God!


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