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From: clare (
Mon Jan 7 06:32:00 2002

Hi Kay:

What is belladonna? Do you know if it's available in Canada or the U.S.?



At Sat, 5 Jan 2002, kfrog wrote: > >> Hi Kfrog: >> >> I haven't been officially diagnosed either, but yes, I have days when I >> am very ill and the pain is difficult to deal with, and other times I >> feel pretty good. Sometimes, such as lately, the pain is tolerable but >> I have nausea which is distracting.... > >I was feeling great heartburn and "almost" like nausea since early November. >(I have a cast iron stomach!) It got worse and worse-four days in the >hospital and 2 nights in ER, plus being curled up in the fetal position at >home most of the time. A week ago I started on belladonna and I am a new >woman. >> >> I am currently experimenting with my diet to see if eating very small >> amounts helps with the pain - so far so good, but as I say this is just >> an experiment. I had what I (and my doctors) believed was a partial >> bowel obstruction, and I got through it by going on a liquid only diet. >> I will let you know if my "less is more" diet works. > >I, too, am being very careful with every bite. I am just using Nestle's >NuBasics, which the hospital uses, scrambled eggs and some cereal. Yesterday >I had some toast-and just a teensy bit of tummy twinges, so no more toast! > >> Welcome to the board, and please feel free to ask any questions that you >> may have. Hopefully one of the people on this forum with more knowledge >> than I have will be able to answer you more accurately than I have. I >> hope this helps. > >Thank you, Clare! It will help just knowing there are others out there! When >I looked at the coloured picture of adhesions, I nearly fainted-and then I >read about a lady who had over 100 of them. I thought my life was ending-and >I am-or was before my surgeries-a healthy, vibrant person. My goal is to be >well enough to return to karate this summer to start training for 2nd degree >black belt. I am 61, by the way. > >Kay > >In difficult moments, behave like a duck. Keep calm and unruffled on the >surface, but keep paddling away underneath.


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