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Sun Jan 6 18:18:28 2002

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> Jaynie,
> Yes, you can add to your story on the quilt at any time!
> Just go to your quilt, click on it, click on "edit" in the upper right
hand > corner.
> It will ask for your password, enter it and make any changes to your
story. >
> "SMILE............It confuses people!"
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> Hi Sally,
> I'm already on the quilt so can I add more to it?
> Yes, I have been through the ringer haven't I? I am very concerned that
> this new problem may lead to more surgery, especially if the repair last
> year didn't work but I am also aware that this could create more adhesions
> which puts me in a Catch 22 situation, doesn't it?
> If my rectocele has returned or something like that then only surgery can
> fix it can't it? What I would really like to know is why I keep getting
> these darn things if my pelvic floor is tightened and should be holding my
> organs up.
> I often say to my family that when I die donate my body to science (if
> there's anything left) as I must be a scientific wonder with the amount of
> medical problems I have had to endure over the years. *-)
> Fortunately, as I told Jo, I am usually an upbeat person which I know
helps > but the pain and discomfort does get to me once in a while and my family
> knows about it. <BIG GRIN>
> One other thing that is driving me nuts is since the pelvic surgery in
2000 > I have had chronic pain in my tailbone. Oh it's bad. I have been to my
> family doctor about this (who is usually understanding but must have had a
> bad hair day when I went to see him about this), my OB-GYN and my
> orthopaedic surgeon but they all say it's arthritis and that pelvic
surgery > can aggravate the tailbone anyway especially in my case where my left leg
> won't bend and they have to strap it up to do the surgery plus they have
to > put me in a position that they don't normally do to other women. I am the
> point now where I am ready to march into one of these doctor's offices and
> demand they do something because obviously I can't stand or walk for too
> long because of my knees and now I can't sit too long because of this darn
> tailbone. Ay yi yi.
> Yeah, I'm a mess but I'm alive, can kick with one leg, and I still have my
> hands & fingers to enjoy my computer life.
> Take care
> Jayne

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> > Boy, Jayne, you seem to have been through a lot. I'm so sorry. Please
put > > your story on the quilt. It will make a better case for everyone because
> > someday, we need to make Congress appropriate funds for adhesions
research > > and so many people come to the board once or twice with really classic
> cases
> > of adhesions and then we never hear from them again. We need to gather
all > > of the information we can, so that we can help the government help us,
> even
> > though they don't know yet, that they really want to. Love, and I have a
> > home page if you are interested, Love,
Sally >

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