ARTICLES: Pelvic pain...Cramps...Answers to sex ?'s...Lies to not tell doctor...Sex wreckers...Links for M.P.'s

From: Helen Dynda (
Sun Jan 6 14:00:14 2002

[]>Inlet Medical Search... 1.) Scroll down and "enter your search word". I entered: "Fibroids" ... 2.) Click: "Search"

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[] The following 6 topics appeared (BUT the Urls were too lengthy; so I am listing only THE NAMES of the articles. These articles are not strictly about Fibroids!! Hopefull the names of the articles will attract your interest in reading them:

1.) Pelvic Pain Symptoms and Causes - A summary on chronic pelvic pain as well symptoms and causes of pelvic pain.

2.) Treating Cramps - Your Cruelest Cramps-Cured - An article summary about treating painful periods and cramps.

3.) Top Sex Questions Answered - A summary of the top sex questions asked by most couples

4.) Lies You Should Not Tell Your Doctor - Telling lies and fibs to your doctor may contribute to serious health consequences

5.) 5 Sex Wreckers - Five sex wreckers that can ruin a sexual encounter for women

6.) Links for Medical Professionals - A page of link exchanges and other resources for women suffering from dyspareunia or dysmenorrhea and for physicians treating patients suffering from these conditions.

[ NOTE: Each of the above articles ARE FROM MAGAZINES; and the names and dates of each magazine is listed (just under the title of the article). It is important to know that NONE of THESE ARTICLES are complete. If you want to read the entire article, you can go to your Public Library to find copies of these magazines.]

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