Re: Test plus question/Kay from Sally

From: kfrog (
Sun Jan 6 01:20:48 2002


I read your post wrong! I thought you said you were IN San Francisco! Sheesh-I'd best get my eyes checked!


Dear Sally!

Thank you for the warm welcome! Mine must have been one of the ones that was dropped.

>> Mine is determined to speak Japanese even though I keep correcting it, it wants to become Japanese.

That is soooo weird! My son redid my computer for Christmas (I always inherit the old parts when our sons upgrade) and now, with a newer version of Windows, a gray box keeps popping up asking if I want to install Japanese! I am glad I am not the only one LOL! I thought perhaps I had overdosed on sushi.

>> Anyway, welcome aboard. Where in California do you live? I'm north of San Francisco 200 miles on the ocean.

Oooooh, just fifty miles south in Campbell! We are surrounded on three sides by San Jose.

>> Do you have good pain management?

The pain was so bad I was on percoset for a few weeks plus six laxatives a day and that *really* puts a cramp in one's lifestyle (pardon the pun). Now I have been on belladonna for a week and I have only had two percoset. Belladonna has made a huge difference. (My problem is due to a colostomy last May.)

>> Have you put your story on the quilt yet?

No, I don't know about the quilt yet. I did not get the courage to surf the net until six months after my surgery. I found a great bulletin board for ostomates and a man there gace me the URL for the adhesions organization.

>> I'm excited to have someone else from California here on the board. Love, Sally

And hugs to you, too, Sally! How nice! P'raps someday we can meet!


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