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From: KathFindlay (klfindlay@adhesions.org.uk)
Fri Jan 4 10:34:45 2002

Hi Everyone, You might be interested in our technique for treating endometriosis laparoscopically without causing adhesions, it dries out the tissue in an inert atmosphere so that there are no open areas that cause adhesions. If anyone is interested in more info please email me. In Friendship Kath at UK-AS **************************************************************************** ******************

Helica Instruments was formed in 1993, after market research in various surgical specialties, it was established in the field of gynaecology there was a need for a soft tissue coagulator. This was particularly true in the need for an effective physical treatment for endometriosis. Subsequently Helica Instruments in conjunction with Southern General Hospital developed The Helica Thermal Coagulator

The HELICA TC is an electronic instrument which creates and delivers an inert electrical plasma beam (hot gas) that can be accurately controlled and works without having to make contact with tissue It uses a safe low power electrical current and very low volume of inert helium and can be controlled to cauterise to a depth of a single cell. This cauterisation procedure is highly effective in the treatment of endometriosis, particularly in laparoscopic operations where it is very safe to use and affects only the surface of the problem areas without spreading to healthy tissue. The HELICA TC is simple to set up and use during surgery and can be successfully used even if no treatment was anticipated prior to the operation making it particularly suitable for treatment of endometriosis which is difficult to diagnose and sometimes requires exploratory surgery to identify properly. In these circumstances the HELICA TC can be used immediately and thus reduces the need for further surgery or treatment.

What's different about the Helica Thermal Coagulator ?

The HELICA TC has low electrical power and low gas volume but can be controlled accurately over the full range from a minimum of 1cell to a full 1 mm penetration and still cover all the affected area, this reducing operating time considerably. This totally safe and easy procedure can be used in all types of "keyhole" and "open" surgery to give instant pain relief through cauterising nerve endings in affected areas. It is so accurate that it does not impair fertility after the operation and can be successfully used for Fallopian Tubal Surgery

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