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[] U.S. Pain Policy Resources http://www.medsch.wisc.edu/painpolicy/states.htm


Introductory Note

Data-base of Statutes, Regulations, and Other policies

Annual Review of State Pain Policies 2000 February 2001

"Achieving Balance in Federal & State Pain Policy: A Guide to Evaluation" August 2000

Resource Guide July 1998

Published literature on pain policy

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

I. Introductory Note The Pain & Policies Studies Group (PPSG) collects and analyzes state policies (laws, regulations and guidelines) on prescribing controlled substances for pain management. We recommend that you read "Achieving Balance in Federal & State Pain Policy: A Guide to Evaluation" for the best understanding of policies in pain management. For those new to this area of research, please see our glossary of terms including: laws (statutes and regulations), guidelines, and schedules of controlled substances.

*In preparing these documents for Internet access we have made every effort to ensure that the language is identical to the original. All questions about these policies, including their application, interpretations, or any modifications, should be directed to the relevant state agency according to the information provided. We make every effort to keep these policies current, and ask to be informed about changes. ppsg@med.wisc.edu

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