Sally- pictures etc.

From: Jean Long (
Thu Jan 3 22:23:48 2002

Sally, Hey, no problem! I will send you a Zip File and see if you can Un-zip it, just let me know. You are allowed to have grumpy days. I know it is hard pretending to be ok when your not.

I have my very bad and grumpy days too, we all do, which can be expected. I have been grumpy myself lately ......."REALLY" worried about this calcified artery much more than my hip, adhesions or my back problems. I just know I couldn't live with an amputated leg!! This doctor just keeps talking about it to me and scares me to death!! I am extremely worried about getting the Angiogram & also what it will show. I was really hoping the Doppler test I had done recently, which was 6 months after the first one, would show the artery didn't get any worse....... but of course I was wrong again, never have that kind of luck! It got worse in 6 months!! That is why I now need the Angiogram to see exactly how much of the artery is involved and how much of the blood flow is restricted.

I am also worried about infection since they will be putting a catheter through my skin at the groin and into the artery. I am at risk whenever blood is involved in which infection can go through my blood stream and shoot to my hip (adheres to any foreign object). If I get infection (especially going in right at my bad hip) and the hip would get infected I would also need the hip replacement taken out "again" and this time due to so much bone loss I would need a Cadaver put in. I guess that would be better than amputation but not keen on having a dead person's bone either!

I just hope the doctor doing the Angiogram takes this seriously and listens to me and gives me mega antibiotics before he does it like they are suppose to in cases like mine!!

I am trying to take my mind off of it but it isn't easy as you also know! Take Care, hope you soon feel better! JEAN

"SMILE............It confuses people!"

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Dear Jean, I love receiving pictures and I love dogs. One of yours looks a lot like mine, so I don't want to stop receiving things from you. But it's hard to have the computer take so long to download. I don't know what a zip? is. But I probably do have the capacity. I could ask my bookkeeper. Anyway, I didn't mean to criticize you, I was already in a bad mood today, My making believe I feel good isn't working, no surprise there, but I'm kind of grumpy. The Holidays were long and people are still coming to the Inn. That's great, and I shouldn't complain, I should only complain if they don't come, but it is still hard to function day after day, so today I went back to bed at 10:30 A.M. but that didn't really help because I felt too guilty about everything I need to do. Oh Well, I can't have it both ways, Love, Sally

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