ADHESION SUFFERERS...TIPS to help you write your letter to the U.S. Government by January 8th!!

From: Helen Dynda (
Thu Jan 3 21:37:23 2002

Keep in mind that a code for the "Application of an adhesion barrier for the prevention of adhesions" is the focus. Then write about the experiences you've had as a result of adhesion surgeries. Be sure to mention if an adhesion barrier was used! ~ ~ ~ ~

Has a health professional told you that adhesions don't cause pain or problems?

Have you come across health professionals, who have never heard of adhesion barriers?

Have you come across health professionals, who are unwilling to use adhesion barriers?

Have you been affected by adhesions due to previous surgeries and you were told they are not a problem?

Have you experienced a significant reduction in quality of life due to adhesions?

Has a health professional refused to use an adhesion barrier?

How many surgeries have you had to endure because of adhesions? When were these surgeries done?

Have you experienced complications as the result of a adhesiolysis - such as inadvertant nicks into vital organs, peritonitis?

Was an adhesion barrier (Interceed, Seprafilm, or Intergel) used for any of your surgeries.

Did you experience any side effects because of the use of an adhesion barrier - such as inflammation?

If an adhesion barrier was used in any of your surgeries, did it help? Or did your adhesion problems become worse?

If an adhesion barrier was used in any of your surgeries, are you still pain-free today?

~ ~ ~ ~

* Email your comments to: IPPSNEWTECH@CMS.HHS.GOV

* Please send a copy to the IAS at:

* Place "Adhesion Barrier Comments" in the subject line.

* Send your comments by January 8, 2002.

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