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From: chrissy (
Thu Jan 3 20:40:24 2002

Karla, Please tell me more about the Adhesion Center in Scranton, I need my 4th lysis of adhesions and want to go to someone very experienced, Thanks so much

At Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Karla wrote: >
>There are not any good doctors in this area that are familiar with
>adhesions.....they don't know enough to do the procedure correctly. I live
>in northern Wisconsin and have traveled all over in this search. To date
>there are really only two physicians...well three when you count the
>partner...Dr. Harry Reich and his partner Dr. Jay Redan at the new adhesion
>center in Scranton, Pa and now Dr. Matthias Korell in Duisburg, Germany.
>Do not seek treatment with just any will only make matters
>worse. Let us know if you would like more info on these doctors.

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>> Hello! I have endometriosis and I have had a lot of bowel adhesionn
>> problems. I had my 3rd lap in April and they cut away a very large
>> adhesion. I am afraid that it is back and I need a good doctor familiar
>> with adhesions and endo and removing them. I have been thru 8 doctors
>> and need this taken care of. I am looking for one in the Chicago,
>> Milwaukee, or Madison area. Any referals would be appreciated. Please
>> contact me at
>> Thank you,
>> ANdrea
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>> AV

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