Re: lazy bowel

From: kfrog (
Thu Jan 3 14:28:28 2002

Dear Toni,

> > I had
> >sharp pains last night all across the upper abdomen and they went away
> >after the gas went through, it is almost like you can feel the gas in
> >there and feel it get trapped by and adhesion, it is weird to me, but I
> >can almost visualize when this happens.

You are describing EXACTLY what I feel! I had a colostomy last May and these pains started in November. Sometimes I am doubled in two, curled up in the fetal position in bed to ride out the crampy, contraction-like pains. Other days I am fine-I have had two painfree days in a row now. I just started on belladonna, which the doctor said may help the cramping. It seems to be helping.

I am soooo glad to have found someone who feels as I do!

I forgot to mention-I have been on six laxatives a day for three weeks to keep things cleared out. Sure "cramps" one's style LOL!

Take care...

Kay in CA

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