From: Kathi (
Thu Jan 3 12:25:58 2002

I'm so glad to find this web-site. Until now my local doctors made me think I was one in a million, and they no anyone else with my problem. I have had 18 abdominal surgeries, a total hysterectomy at 21 yrs old, and now 15 years of pain. My most recent surgery was done 7/01 which made me a lot worse. I had to cut my work hours in half, and I'm constantly tired due to the medications I'm on. I want to go to California to see this Dr. Andrew Cook for some help, but financially I'm not sure it's feasible. Is there anyone out there getting help or services from the government financially.

Also does anyone have a doctor or suggestion for treatment that I might not have tried already. Or any suggestion of dealing with pain , depression, feeling that I've let down my husband and children.

Help! Kathi

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