re lazy bowel

From: Evelyn (
Wed Jan 2 23:54:00 2002

I really do understand what you are saying. I do not have adhesions but i suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. I get large gas trapped in the under regain of my bowel and great relief when it finally subsides.

My son Zac now 5 years old had adhesions in both a upper and lower bowel. they were surgically removed when he was two. For a year afterwards we were free of constipation but now we struggle if laxatives are missed.

He is now on normacol granuals, they don't appear to cause as much pain as Duffalac did and senacot also. NORMACOL is for both adults and kids and is made by norgine limited, it is a natural fibre plus laxative.

Zac used to eat grapes on day 1 and and on day 8 the grapes would come through half chewed and undigested And alot of pain- so for the description, I hope I didn't offend anyone.

Take care Evelyn of NZ

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