Re: lazy bowel

Wed Jan 2 20:23:29 2002

At Wed, 21 Apr 1999, Toni Welsh wrote: >
>I know I have massive adgesions all over the large and small bowel, but
>now I have been told that taking a laxative for so long that it has
>caused the bowel to get lazy, but the pain center keeps telling me to
>take it b/c it is VERY important that I keep the bowels open, I had
>sharp pains last night all across the upper abdomen and they went away
>after the gas went through, it is almost like you can feel the gas in
>there and feel it get trapped by and adhesion, it is weird to me, but I
>can almost visualize when this happens. I have tried to take dupholac
>syrup, but for some reason it hurts my stomach, they said you can take
>it foever, and it will not harm your bowel, I do not understand they say
>the adhesions have already done some harm to the bowel, but they say to
>keep taking senekot daily, and when i ask them if it can hurt your bowel
>to take them for so long they say YES, but if that is the only way I can
>move bowels, itis important to keep them going, so I do not know, I know
>the pain is WORSE if I do not go for days. VERY FRUSTRATED!
>Oh wel, today seems like it will not be a good day, the pain is worse
>today, and it is not ever double over pian, that is why I feel like some
>drs do not believe, it is just CONSTANT pulling all across lower pelvis,
>and when I try to get up from sitting, I cannot even explain that pain,
>that is why I am getting so disgusted with all this, I went to bingo(won
>200.00), and when I try to get up after 3 hours I am stiff, all around
>and now including the back at times.
>Enough for today, I have bothered you all enough today!


I have had a problem with my bowels for so long and am getting so frustrated. I was in the hospital in April of 2000 due to a sist which blocked my bowel. Six weeks later i was back to work. then again in October of 2000 i once again had a problem with my bowels. waiting 13 days before having a bowel movement. Do you think this is normal? I have been told to take prodium plus on a daily basis but gag every time i try to take it. I am on a citrus fibre pill also which does no good and find myself taking senekot all the time to enamble my bowels to move. I am really getting tired of the whole ordeal.I have adjusted my diet but still no luck. What do you suggest. Please give me some advice if you can

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