In Loving of Christina D. Bueltemann Died on 1/5/2000

Wed Jan 2 19:59:35 2002

Hi this is to all of you whom of the the disesa ERD or who are termianlly ill or that new of my mom Chris Bueltemann who left the world on 1/5/00. On behave of my family I would like to take this chance to thank you all for your support that you offered my family and i after mom died. Sense she died she has become a grandmother on 6/1/01. At this time we our all doing the best that we can with out her. But a day dose not go by that we don't think of her. Believe it or not her grandchild has the same free spirt that she had. With out saying to much if it wouldn't have been for her watching over her grandchild during the months before the baby was born the little one would probly not be here. The baby has a gaurdian angle bye the name of Grandma Chris. To all of you we hope of you thank you and god bless. The family of Chris Bueltemann e-mail--

Even though I'm gone please remember me Don't be afraid to speak of me For I'm always with you I'm in your heart and everything that you. Never say good bye It's only till we meet again in heaven Till then good-bye & I love you. written bye a family member of Christina Bueltemann

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